The Land of the Blue Gown

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April 2010



A detailed account of travels in nineteenth-century China from the British leader of the anti-foot-binding movement.


1. My first visit to Peking: before the Siege; 2. Pilot town: Taku; 3. August in Chefoo; 4. On the walls of Shanghai City; 5. Inside Shanghai City; 6. Into the Chinese Country; 7. April near Ningpo; 8. September in Wuhu; 9. The Dragon King's cavern and dome: Ichang; 10. Fengtu: the Chinese Hades; 11. Cheap missionaries; 12. Life on a farmstead: fifteen hundred miles inside China; 13. Anti-foreign riots in western China; 14. Further alarms of riots; 15. 'Bad' Wentang; 16. Little known border tribes; 17. Table decorations; 18. What are missionaries doing?; 19. Part I. An anti-footbinding tour to Hankow, Wuchang, Han-Yang, Canton and Hong-Kong; 19. Part II. To Macao, Swatow, Amoy, Foochow, Hangchow and Soochow.
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