The Photographer's Pricing System

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Written by photography pricing guru Alicia Caine (founder of Profit First Photography), this book takes the anxiety and drudgery out of the pricing process for portrait and wedding photographers, showing how to keep the process as simple and painless as possible.

This book incorporates a lot of lightness, fun, and compassion to help photography students through more left-brained topics so they can channel their creativity and address challenging and mundane topics more easily. Also, pricing books rarely speak to the emotional side of pricing. What are the emotional struggles with value, confidence, fear of rejection, implementation? Alicia Caine understands that helping people goes beyond just delivering the facts-so she also speaks to the heart, as determining one's worth is a huge struggle for most people.

With her signature friendly, accessible voice, Alicia starts by breaking down such daunting topics as managing your budget and expenses and determining how much work you can take on, and then explains the importance of understanding what your client wants and researching the marketplace. She shows how to reverse-engineer your pricing and create a pricing sheet and how to present your pricing to your clients. Finally, she explores how to achieve consistent pricing across your wedding and portrait services, and how to price mini sessions as representative of your signature experience.

Along the way, students encounter lots of practical worksheets and templates (also available via download) designed to help them move from learning the necessary steps and tasks to actual implementation, a key obstacle for many photographers. Specifically, the worksheets will help them unlock such mysteries as how to determine their hourly value, how to think about and set up collections and specialty products, how to figure out their costs of goods sold, and much more.

Plus, as an added bonus, Alicia provides an Expert's Guide on how to get paid what you're worth based on your expertise in a particular niche, which can potentially increase your value in the marketplace. In this special section, students learn how positioning themselves as an authority on a particular topic can help them bring in more potential clients.

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