Hitler's Ambivalent Attache: Lt. Gen. Friedrich Von Boetticher in America, 1933-1941

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September 2006



The life and work of Nazi Germany 's remarkable military attach in Washington


Preface ix; The Kaiser's Soldier Endures; Soldier, Scholar, Diplomat, Spy; A Missionary in America; Evaluating the American Army; Distant ThundeR; A Confusion of Aims; Time Runs Out; yet Again Vanquished; "Who Knows...?"; Notes; Selected Bibliography; Index; About the Author.


ALFRED M. BECK served over twenty-five years as a historian and publisher in various Department of Defense historical programs. He lives in Falls Church, Virginia.


"Fred Beck deftly reconstructs for the first time the diplomatic odyssey of General Friedrich von Boetticher, Nazi Germany s military attache to the United States. No cardboard figure, von Boetticher embodied all the ambiguities and dilemmas faced by the old German officer corps in dealing with the Nazi state in both peace and war. Masterfully researched, richly textured, and well-written, Beck s portrayal of Germany s 'ambivalent attache' offers perceptive insights on the interaction of the German embassy with the American military establishment and the Washington diplomatic community on the eve of World War II."
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