Mister Roberts

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September 2009



Critically acclaimed author Alexei Sayle introduces the curious tale of MISTER ROBERTS in his most funny and poignant novel yet.


Alexei Sayle is a comedian, actor, presenter and writer. His television work as a writer and performer includes The Young Ones, Alexei Sayle's Stuff, and The All New Alexei Sayle Show. He has written regularly for the Observer, Indepedent, Time Out, Car Magazine and Esquire and he has appeared in numerous films, from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade to Gorky Park and Swing. He recently presented Alexei Salye's Liverpool for BBC 2.


'Ridiculously entertaining' -- The Times 'A deliciously barmy, yet affecting cautionary tale...the considered, pitch-perfect prose of a talented novelist who also happens to have a wildly perverse imagination, and a store of beautifully delivered one-liners.' -- Scotsman 'Among the very few comedians to write fiction which can be taken seriously as literature ... It's also extremely funny.' -- Independent on Sunday 'Brains, wit and welcome absurdity...there is also a surprising amount of warmth' -- Guardian 'Full of inventive comedy' -- Herald 'Hilariously bonkers' -- Red 20081101
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