Self-Control: Waiting Until Tomorrow for What You Want Today

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September 1994



A brief core text or supplement for sophomore through graduate-level courses in Behavior Modification, Abnormal Psychology, Learning, Motivation, and Self-Management, or for seminar courses in Self-Control. This is the first text to synthesize the basic research on self-control and to integrate it with the associated applied research literature.


I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Overview. 2. Background and Definitions. II. DETERMINANTS OF SELF-CONTROL. 3. Our Evolutionary Heritage. 4. The Development of Self-Control. 5. General Methods for Changing Self-Control. III. APPLICATIONS. 6. Eating. 7. Drug Abuse. 8. Other Health-Related Behaviors. 9. Education, Management, and Money. 10. Getting Along with Yourself and Others: Cooperation, Lying, Depression, Suicide, and Aggression. IV. CONCLUSION: IMPULSIVENESS AND SELF-CONTROL IN OUR CURRENT ENVIRONMENT. V. FURTHER INFORMATION AND SELF-HELP ORGANIZATIONS. Authors Index. Subject Index.
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