Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers

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Containing an authentic history of the Pilgrim Fathers, who planted the Colony of Plymouth in Massachusetts, Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers documents Govenor
William Bradford's history of the Plymouth Colony.

From the Pilgrim's congregational origin in 1602, including a thorough history of Pilgrim's rise in the north of England to their residence in Holland, it charts the factors that led to their migration to the wilderness of the North American Continent and the measures they undertook to transport themselves to The New World.

Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Colony of Plymouth, from 1602 to 1625; Now First Collected from Original Records and Contemporaneous Printed Documents, Illustrated with Notes by Alexander Young, 1800-1854, is collection of original documents detailing the history of the American Pilgrims and the Plymouth Plantation.

The North American Review hails this collection as "exceedingly praiseworthy" and "an important addition to the historical library of America."
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