The Revenge of History: Advances and Emergences in Understanding

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September 1991



Callinicos's new book is a frontal assault on the widely accepted idea that the East European revolutions of 1989 mark the death of socialism. In an attempt to vindicate the classical Marxist tradition, Callinicos argues that socialism in this tradition can only come from below, through the self-activity of the working class. Stalinism from this standpoint was a 'counter-revolution', erecting at the end of the 1920s a state capitalist regime on the ruins of the radically democratic socialism briefly achieved in October 1917. He further argues that the collapse of Stalinism at the end of the 1980s was only one aspect of a world-wide transition from nationally organized to globally integrated capitalism. The result is likely to be greater economic and political instability. Against this background socialism - in Marx's sense - is all the more necessary. He concludes that the collapse of Stalinism should be less the moment to abandon socialism than to resume unfinished business.


Introduction. 1. The End of Socialism?. 2. The Ancient Regime and the Revolution. 3. The Triumph of the West?. 4. Beyond the Market. Conclusion. Notes.


Alex Callinicos is Professor of Politics at the University of York.


WINNER of THE DISTINGUISHED SCHOLARSHIP BOOK AWARD from the MARXIST SOCIOLOGY SECTION of the AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION. a Appears at an ideal time ... it is an easy and enjoyable read.a Socialist Worker Review a A concise and readable analysis which can serve as an excellent introduction to recent events and future prospects in eastern Europe and the Soviet Union ... this book has a lot to recommend it.a Times Higher Education Supplement a A spirited assault on the widely accepted view that the East European revolutions of 1989 marked the death of socialism... this is rightly a brief and provocative, and all the better for it.a Political Studies
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