Cultural Realism

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Cultural Realism is an in-depth study of premodern Chinese strategic thought that has important implications for contemporary international relations theory. In applying a Western theoretical debate to China, Iain Johnston advances rigorous procedures for testing for the existence and influence of "strategic culture".


List of Figures and Tables Ch. 2Some Questions of Methodology Ch. 3Chinese Strategic Culture and the Parabellum Paradigm Ch. 4Chinese Strategic Culture and Grand Strategic Preferences Ch. 5A Return to Theory Ch. 6The Parabellum Paradigm and the Ming Security Problematique Ch. 7Chinese Strategic Culture and Ming Grand Strategic Choice Ch. 8Conclusion Appendix A: Coding Procedures Appendix B: Terms Used to Describe Legitimate Actions Directed at an Adversary Appendix B: Terms Used to Describe Outcomes of Actions against an Adversary Appendix C: Map of Northern Border Areas in the Ming Period References Index


"If Johnston's analysis of China's strategic culture is correct--and I believe that it is--generational change will not guarantee a kinder, gentler China."--Warren I. Cohen, The Atlantic Monthly "[Cultural Realism] contends that the Chinese are no less concerned with the use of military power than any other civilization--a point that scholars have traditionally disputed because, as Johnston demonstrates, they misread the Chinese classics."--Roderick MacFarquhar, Lingua Franca "Johnston is correct that many actual Chinese uses of force look far more like 'realism' than many Sinologists have realized. His stress on the 'realist' thread in the classics is likewise very illuminating."--Arthur Waldron, The New Republic "The beauty of this book is the clarity and precision of the argument... We need the intellectual challenge of such social science research on ancient and imperial China."--Joseph W. Eshrick, Journal of Asian Studies
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