Eating Scenery: West Cork, the People & the Place

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Juli 2008



'You can't eat scenery' is an old saying about making a living in beautiful but remote places. West Cork is such a place, remarkable for the many ways people make it work for them. Alannah Hopkin discovers a vibrant community of diverse people with compelling stories to tell. A multi-faceted portrait of West Cork.


About the author iv Acknowledgements iv Map v Prologue 1 Introduction 7 1 Long Ago - The Early History of West Cork 17 2 Farmers and Food Producers 35 3 The Coast of West Cork Revisited 53 4 Living Offshore - The Islands 67 5 Losing our Head - Environmental Activism 83 6 The View from the Big House 96 7 Are You Enjoying Your Holiday? 108 8 Oh what a Paradise it seems - Incomers 1969-2007 123 9 A Very Expensive Hobby 143 10 The Murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier 159 11 Mozart in the Cow Byre - Successful Enterprises in the Arts 173 12 On Cool Mountain - Craft Enterprises 190 13 The Allihies Postman - Artists and the GAA 207 14 Amidst These Hills - The Gaeltacht, Saints and Scholars 226 Index 242


Alannah Hopkin was educated in London and has lived in Kinsale since 1982. The author of two novels and other works of non-fiction, she writes for the Insight and Fodor Guides to Ireland. Alannah is a regular reviewer of books and art for national newspapers and magazines.


'Exhaustively researched and highly entertaining' Sunday Tribune 'A warm and engaging guide' The Irish Times 'Meticulously researched and beautifully written, it's a delightful read' Irish Examiner 'A lovely introduction to that most balmy part of Ireland' Irish Independent '[Alannah] moves effortlessly from people's stories, through factual and historic analysis to her own learnings' Southern Star 'A very fresh and original eye' Books Ireland
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