Iron Brigade: A Military History

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Februar 1994



"I am immensely impressed... this particular Brigade needed a bookof its own and now it has one which is definitely first-rate.... A fine book."-- Bruce Catton
"One of the '100 best books ever written onthe Civil War.'" -- Civil War Times Illustrated
..".remains one of the best unit histories of the Union Army during the Civil War."-- Southern Historian
..". The Iron Brigade is the title foranyone desiring complete information on this military unit..." -- Spring CreekPacket, Chuck Hamsa
This is the story of the most famous unit inthe Union Army, the only all-Western brigade in the Eastern armies of the Union --made up of troops from Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.


Foreword to the 1994 Edition by Gary W. Gallagher Preface OWe Are Coming, Father AbrahamO Prologue ORally ORound the Flag, BoysO 1. A Winter in Camp 2. Fredericksburg: A New Commander Orders Black Hats 3. John PopeOs Army: An End to File Closing 4. The Battle at Brawner Farm 5. Second Bull Run 6. South Mountain: The Iron Brigade Is Named 7. Antietam 8. Reorganization 9. Return to Fredericksburg: The Tweny-fourth Michigan Earns the Black Hat 10. Belle Plain: Winter Quarters and Hopefulness 11. Chancellorsville and the March to Pennsylvania 12. Gettysburg: The Last Stand OMine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the LordO Epilogue Appendicies 1. The Iron Brigade Counties 2. Commanders and Officers 3. Bigraphical Note 4. The Uniform of the Iron Brigade 5. Source materials for the Battle of Brawner Farm Notes Selected Bibliography Index


ALAN T. NOLAN was born in Indiana and is a lawyer in Indianapolis. He is the author of Lee Considered: General Robert E. Lee and Civil War History.
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