Trail Food: Drying and Cooking Food for Backpacking and Paddling

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Februar 1998



" . . . a book that will appeal to everyone who has ever choked down the pre-packaged, bargain-basement camp food (or gone bankrupt buying the good stuff)."--Canoe & Kayak . . . if you're on the lookout for a way to bring real meals to the field, [this book] might have the answer."--Field & StreamLife in the outdoors revolves around food--cooking it, eating it, packing it, carrying it. We even fantasize about it, especially after a week of eating store-bought provisions. This book is all about fulfulling those food fantasies and avoiding those expensive disappointments. Trail Food tells you how to remove water from food, to make it lighter and longer-lasting, without removing its taste. Learn to plan menus and prepare meals just like the ones you left behind, using fresh foods from your garden or market, prepared and seasoned the way you like them.Why fantasize when you can have the real thing?


The Dry Life--Why Bother?
What It Takes to Start
Your Provisions and What to Do with Them
Organizing for Your Pack
The Outdoor Kitchen
Drying Times
Meat, Fish, Eggs
Herbs and Spices
Cooking Tips, Nutrition, and Recipes
A Nutrition Primer
Breakfast--Nutrition, Fuel for Working Mornings
Lunch--Keep Up the Pace
Soups and Stews--The Simmering Pot
Dinner--The Day's Reward
Five-Minute Meals
A Word About Hot Drinks and Coffee
Miscellaneous Stuff that Doesn't Fit Elsewhere
The One-Week Backcountry Menu
Two Easy Dehydrator Plans
Plywood Cabinet Dryer
Coldframe Solar Dryer


Alan Kesselheim (Bozeman, MT) is a contributing editor to Canoe & Kayak and has written for Backpacker, Canoe, and Sports Afield, among other leading magazines. He is also a columnist for Big Sky Journal and the author of five critically acclaimed books, including Threading the Currents, Water and Sky, Going Inside, and Silhouette on a Wide Land.He and his wife completed a 420-day paddle across the Northwest Canadian Wilderness and have raised their children in canoes.
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