Friedrich Hayek: a Biography

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In the first full biography of Friedrich Hayek (1899 1992), Alan Ebenstein chronicles the life, works, and legacy of the visionary thinker, from his early years in fin-de-si� 8cle Vienna to his remarkable career as a Nobel Prize winning economist, political philosopher, and leading public intellectual. Ebenstein gives a balanced, integrated account of Hayek's diverse body of work, from his first encounter with free market ideas to his magisterial writings in later life on the legal, political, ethical, and economic requirements of a free society.


Alan Ebenstein is the author or coauthor of six other books in the history of economic and political theory, including "Edwin Cannan: Liberal Doyen"; with his father, the late William Ebenstein, "Great Political Thinkers: Plato to the Present"; and the forthcoming "Hayek's Journey." Ebenstein received his Ph.D. in political philosophy from the London School of Economics and resides in Santa Barbara, California.
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