Invest My Way: Making Money with Blue Chip Shares on the Australian Stock Market

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Suitable for those interested in either trading or investing long term in Australian blue chip shares, this book provides readers with a holistic investing strategy for managing blue chip shares to optimize both capital growth and income (dividends).


Acknowledgments ix About the author xi Preface xiii Part I: The business of investing in blue chip shares 1 1. What is an investor? 3 2. Managing financial products 17 Part II: Managing a blue chip share growth portfolio 31 3. Introduction to growth shares 33 4. Rules for entering the market 51 5. Rules for exiting the market 67 6. Let's take a test drive (by Simon Sherwood) 81 Part III: Managing a blue chip share income portfolio 101 7. Instruction to income shares 103 8. Fundamental analysis (by Martin Roth) 115 9. Searching for income shares 131 10. Managing income shares 143 Part IV: Timing in the market 155 11. Instruction to market cycles 157 12. Financial markets as complex adaptive systems 171 13. Using the right tactics at the right time 195 14. Plan to take action 219 Appendix: Blue Chip Report 10-year simulation results 227 Recommended further reading 239 Index 241


Alan Hull has been investing in blue chip shares for decades and is one of Australia's most respected sharemarket experts. He has appeared on Sky Business Channel and is a popular speaker on the seminar circuit. Alan is the bestselling author of Active Investing and Trade My Way which, together with Invest my way, provide readers with a complete stock market solution.
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