Anti-Libertarianism: Markets, Philosophy and Myth

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Juni 1994



"Antilibertarianism" reconsiders the theoretical libertarian stance, beginning with an analysis of the model of "mutually beneficial" exchanges which is at the core of libertarian thinking. Alan Haworth provides a skeptical exploration of the concepts and arguments which form the tenets of free market politics, and presents the view that libertarianism is no more than an unfounded, quasi-religious statement of faith--a market romance. He also exposes libertarianism as profoundly antithetical to the very freedom which it purports to advance. This controversial book will be important reading for anyone interested in the cultural and political impact of free market policies in the modern world.


1. Libertarianism - Anti-Libertarianism 2. Market Romances: Nuts and Bolts 3. Reducibility, Freedom, the Invisible Hand 4. Market Romances: Love is Strange 5. On Freedom 6. The Legend of the Angels Section 7. Moralizing the Market 8. Rights, Wrongs and Rhetoric 9. Visions of Valhalla Section 3 10. The Good Fairy's Wand 11. Hayek and the Hand of Fate.


"A lively and engaging imminent critique of "economic libertarianism . . . if there were any lingering plausibility in the view that a free market rooted in individual property rights maximizes individual liberty, Haworth puts a final nail in the libertarian coffin."
-Alan Wertheimer, University of Vermont
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