The Lost Boys' Appreciation Society

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Februar 2004



What's the definition of 'a family' when their lynch-pin, Mum, is tragically killed leaving Dad and two teenage boys to cope?


Alan Gibbons is a full-time writer and a visiting speaker and lecturer at schools, colleges and literary events nationwide, including the major book festivals. He lives in Liverpool with his wife and has four grown up children. He travels globally and is known the length and breadth of the country for his high profile Campaign for the Book and school visits. Visit his website at, read his blog at, follow him on Twitter at, Facebook at and Flickr at


"Every sentence of The Lost Boys' Appreciation society is perfectly chosen" The Bookseller "The Lost Boys' Appreciation Society is notable among teenage novels for its subtle and sensitive exploration of how men and boys deal with bereavement...This insightful book is about fear and violence, tension and alienation, but is also about love and tenderness." -- Lesley Agnew Bookseller, 21 Nov 03 "A powerful and compelling novel exploring the effects the sudden death of a mother has on the husband and teenage sons left behind. It's a story about surviving against all the odds by a writer who has an incredible gift for depicting real people in real-life situations." Bookseller Buyer's Guide Highlights, 16 Jan 04 "A tender story of a family's struggle to cope with the death of Mum. Gibbons' attention to detail and ability to get to the core of teenage concerns is nothing short of brilliant." Bookseller Buyer's Guide, 16 Jan 04 "Every sentence of The Lost Boys' Appreciation society is perfectly chosen...Alan Gibbons burst onto the scene with his 2000 Blue Peter Award for Shadow of the Minotaur, and his novels just keep getting better. It would seem that there is nothing he cannot write about. Gibbons deserves to be recognised as a national treasure." Bookseller, 16 Jan 04 "This story is extremely well told, extremely readable and sensitive without becoming maudlin." Primary Times in Hampshire, 9 Feb 04 "I'd be shocked by the subject matter of Alan Gibbons' books - if I didn't know how sensitively and tactfully he deals with it...This time the death of the parent is the delicate and upsetting topic...It's a gripping read for teen readers." Liverpool Echo, 3 Feb 04 "It's good to have an issue-driven teenage novel written by a man. And so well too." Daily Echo Magazine (Bournemouth), 13 Mar 04 "...a compelling read that presents a very positive picture of the strength of family ties." TES, 26 Mar 04 "Gibbons has a sure eye and ear for the dynamics of family dissension." Books for Keeps "Alan Gibbons handles the trauma and emptiness that follows the death of a parent sensitively and realistically. In this immensely readable book, he shows compassion and empathy, while exploring the complex relationship between devastating loss and the need to move on." Booktrusted News (Booktrust) "Alan Gibbons is a very prolific writer, and yet manages to write high quality stories that speak directly to young people about contemporary issues of real importance." School Librarian, Summer 04
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