The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Financial Security When Getting a Divorce

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April 2004



Revolutionary new recipes for dividing the divorce pie Whether you've been stunned by your spouse's divorce atomic bombshell or have dropped one yourself, you must avoid its potentially fatal financial fallout. "The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Financial Security When Getting a Divorce" helps both men and women survive economically, and ultimately thrive, with actionable how-to instructions and explanations such as: Learn why an even split now is often anything but equitable later, and how to base a fair settlement on cash-flow and net-worth projections appropriate to your marriage's "economic history." Find out when and why mediation or arbitration, mostly do-it-yourself, or the new "collaborative-attorneys divorce" are preferable to traditional adversarial-attorney divorce, as well as determine needs for other specialized professional advice. Construct sold financial-action plans--for before, during and after the divorce--that control expenses and use optimal tax planning to preserve the maximum marital assets. Understand complex property and support issues such as commingled funds, both spouses' rights to pensions and social security, business valuation, creative management of the marital home, and front-loaded spousal support.


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