Urban Culture: Exploring Cities and Cultures

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Januar 2004



Using contemporary cultural examples as a recurrent theme, this innovative volume examines the various theoretical perspectives and paradigms of urban and cultural analysis. It explores the city's impact on how we make and consume all types of culture: art, music, literature, architecture, film, etc., illustrating not only the effects the urban environment has on the production of culture, but, at times, how culture has influenced the city. The author provides an introduction to why the city matters and details the urban environment, culture in the city, music, art/sculpture and writing/theater, architecture/fashion, photography/film/television, government producing culture such as cities/parades/concerts, spontaneous culture and social movements and deviant culture. For individuals interested in urban culture and sociology.


1. A Definition of Urban Culture. 2. The Urban Environment. 3. Evolution of Culture in the City. 4. Music in the City. 5. Art and Sculpture. 6. Architecture and Fashion. 7. Photography, Film, and Television. 8. Government and State Culture Production and Social Movements. 9. Spontaneous Culture and Social Movements. 10. The Bad City versus the Good City. Appendix: Urban Culture Methods for Research and Teaching.
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