Your Retirement, Your Way: Why It Takes More Than Money to Live Your Dream

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Create a newlife plan to thrive in your retirementAfter years of focusing on career and family, most of us embark on the next phase of life with only a vague idea of what will make us happy. But you can guarantee yourself a long and successful retirement with "Your Retirement, Your Way"! Its revolutionary retirement planning approach combines a powerful self-assessment system based on the Birkman Method(R)--a personality assessment system used by companies and government agencies worldwide--with sophisticated financial planning tools and step-by-step guidelines that allow you to: Define your ideal retirement environment Determine where you are now, financially, and where you want to be Map out a solid plan for realizing your dreams in the shortest time possible


Alan Bernstein, CSW, has been a psychotherapist and career counselor for thirty years. John Trauth spent the majority of his career and is spending some of his retirement as a management consultant specializing in financial services.
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