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Oktober 1988



Fraud, theft, extortion and sexual corruption are the themes in this eighteenth-century masterpiece of French comedy.


Alain-Rene Lesage (1668-1747) is considered to be France's first professional author. His works include the novels Diable Boiteaux and Gil Blas as well as Turcaret. John Norman is a writer whose plays include Edward and Anna, Mr Smith and Holyoake all of which have been produced by the Orange Tree Theatre.


'Turcaret is generally accepted as one of the best of French comedies, few people in this country cann ever see it... and unjustly neglected foreign classic.' Sunday Telegraph' '...a real discovery...the play is sharp and brisk, and might have been written jointly by Moliere and Goldsmith...' Sunday Time 'a biting social satire...this is the "Serious Money" of its day...' The Guardian ' is a fascinating cynical comedy... John Norman's adaptation is full of twentieth century colloquialisms and the piece would probably work well in modern dress... The National Theatre...should now consider staging the play itself.' The Daily Telegraph
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