The Phallus: The 17th-Century Manual on the Art of Concealment

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November 1995



Alain Danielou here unveils the religious impulse underlying art that at first glance seems to have no purpose beyond the erotic. Illustrated throughout with photographs and line drawings of European and Indian art, The Phallus celebrates the expression of the masculine in the religious traditions of East and West.


Alain Danielou (1907-1994) wrote more than thirty books about the philosophy, religion, history, and arts of India and the Mediterranean. Following a series of successful careers as a dancer, musician, and composer (Cocteau, Diaghilev, and Stravinsky were among his friends), Danielou settled in India and spent fifteen years there in the study of Sanskrit, philosophy, and music. After numerous university appointments in India, he returned in 1963 to Europe, where he established the Institute of Comparative Music Studies. Danielou's other books include "The Complete Kama Sutra"; "Gods of Love and Ecstasy";" Myths and Gods of India";" and Virtue, Success, Pleasure, and Liberation."


"A great introduction to an often shunned aspect of religion."--Tony Mierzwicki, New Dawn, Mar-Apr 2006
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