India: A Civilization of Differences: The Ancient Tradition of Universal Tolerance

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Juli 2005



In India the caste system is a natural organizing principle wherein differences are embraced rather than ignored. Danielou explores this seldom-heard side of the caste debate, and argues effectively in its favor. This rare collection of the late author's writings contains previously unpublished articles and examines the structure of Indian society before and after Western colonialism.


Alain Danielou (1907-1994) spent twenty years in India studying music and philosophy with eminent scholars of the Hindu traditions. He is the translator and author of more than thirty books on the religion, history, and arts of India and the Mediterranean, including "The Complete Kama Sutra," "The Myths and Gods of India," and "A Brief History of India."


"This is definitely a very personal view of a country where the author studied music, philosophy, and Hindu traditions, however that personal touch brings magic to what might have been a rather controversial subject matter. I recommend this book to any student of philosophy, sociology, or spirituality because Alain Danielou shows the ancient framework that allowed the mystics, mahatmas, and sages to spring up in India and gift us with their wisdom." --Lesley Crossingham, New Dawn, No. 120, May-June 2010
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