Chord Changes on the Chalkboard: How Public School Teachers Shaped Jazz and the Music of New Orleans

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Using over 90 original interviews, as well as his extensive research in a variety of New Orleans' archives, Dr. Kennedy deftly explores the role public school teachers had in the formative years of jazz, as well as the influence they continue to have on the musical life of one of America's foremost musical cities. As jazz and music mentors, these teachers employed creativity, innovation, and dedication in propelling some of the world's finest musicians forward into brilliant careers. Chord Changes on the Chalkboard includes a foreword by jazz legend Ellis Marsalis, Jr., and is a must for jazz fans and historians, music libraries, and for collections supporting the study of popular culture and African-American history.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 Chapter 1. From Teachers to Jazz Mentors: On the Periphery of New Music Chapter 5 Chapter 2. Clyde Kerr Sr.: From Student to Jazz Mentor Chapter 6 Chapter 3. Yvonne Busch: Shaping New Orleans Music Chapter 7 Chapter 4. The New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts: From Jazz Mentors to a Jazz Institution Chapter 8 Chapter 5. The Community Comes into the School: Celebrating the Music Traditions of New Orleans within a Classroom Chapter 9 Chapter 6. Conclusion: The Current Renaissance is No Accident Chapter 10 Appendix 1. Clyde Kerr Sr.: A Link in the Public School Musical Network Chapter 11 Appendix 2. Musical Influences: Yvonne Busch Chapter 12 Appendix 3. Musical Influences: Dr. Bert Braud Chapter 13 Appendix 4. Musical Influences: Ellis Marsalis Jr. Chapter 14 Appendix 5: Musical Influences: Clyde Kerr Jr. Chapter 15 Sources and Bibliography Chapter 16 Index Chapter 17 About the Author


Al Kennedy worked as a communications coordinator in the public information office of the New Orleans Public Schools for 21 years. During this period, he began a series of interviews with retired teachers, principals, and superintendents. Much of his research has focused on the lives of music teachers who taught in the city's public schools and on the history of public education in New Orleans. Kennedy has conducted additional research through UNO's Ethel and Herman L. Midlo International Center for New Orleans Studies, and he has taught as a member of the part-time history faculty at Dillard University and UNO.


Worth reading for anyone who has an interest in the New Orleans school system or has an interest in New Orleans musicians of every persuasion and from every period. New Orleans Music ... a fascinating read...worth reading for anyone who has an interest in the New Orleans schools system or has an interest in New Orleans musicians of every persuasion and from every period. Jazzwise Kennedy's survey is charming, scholarly, and affectionate, written with lucid deserves as populous a readership as possible. Jazz Journal International An insightful glimpse into jazz education in the Crescent City over the years. Just Jazz A carefully researched history of music education in New Orleans Public Schools. Best Of New Orleans.Com In Chord Changes, the reader is introduced to many...notable educators, from... Arthur P. Williams, the principal of Abijah Fisk School to (William Joseph Nickerson (who gave piano lessons to Jelly Roll Morton and Manuel Manetta), to Professor Valmore Victor (whose students included "Sing" Miller, Ellis Marsalis and Earl Turbinton) and Clyde Kerr, Sr., who 'supposedly' charged a dollar for a one-hour private music lesson. -- Bunny Matthews Dis 'N' Dat This is a paperbound reprint of a 2002 book. Kennedy (history, Dillard U. and U. of New Orleans) examines the influence of New Orleans public school teachers in promoting the study of jazz. Drawing on 80 interviews with these musician-teachers as well as historical records, he traces their contributions from the early 20th century to the present, and profiles Clyde Kerr Sr. and Yvonne Busch. He describes the important role of public school administrators, the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, and interactions students had with musicians such as Wynton Marsalis. Appendices chart the musical influences of Kerr, Busch, Bert Braud, Clyde Kerr Jr., and Ellis Marsalis Jr., who wrote the foreword. Reference and Research Book News
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