Savannahs Ghosts

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Do you believe in ghosts? If you live in Savannah, Georgia, you should! Strange and eerie apparitions have been haunting this historic town since the first native Indians settled in southeast Georgia over 2,500 years ago! But in the here and now, you'll want to know: what manner of beings are wandering the halls of the Super 8 Motel in Savannah what murderous secrets can be found at the Laurel Grove Cemetery how haunted historic Fort Pulaski really is why you should beware as you travel along West Oglethorpe Avenue, Houston Street, or West York Street how to tell if your house is haunted and other truly scary stories and facts!This chilling volume of spooky spirits and hauntings of Savannah will take you from ghosts to poltergeists, angels, and demons. Can you handle scares like that? Yes? Then join us in paranormal Savannah!Includes a detailed touring map so that you, too, can visit Savannahs Ghosts!

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