The Cambridge History of American Foreign Relations: Volume 3, the Globalizing of America, 1913 1945

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Oktober 2004



Describes the history of the foreign relations of the United States during 1913 1945, the period of two world wars as well as of momentous changes that brought to an end the period of European domination.


Part I. The Age of European Domination: 1. The rise of the west; 2. The emergence of modern states; Part II. The Great War and American Neutrality: 3. The American question in Europe; 4. American interests and visions; 5. America in Asia and Latin America; Part III. The United States In War: 6. America goes to war; 7. War as a crusade; 8. Wilson and Lenin; Part IV. The Versailles Peace: 1. The new peace; 9. The economics of the new peace; 10. Wilsonianism confirmed - and betrayed; Part V. The 1920s: The Security Aspect: 11. Disarmament; 12. Peace in Europe and Asia - and elsewhere; 13. Coping with revolutionary nationalism; Part VI. The 1920s: The Economic Aspect: 14. The diplomacy of the dollar; 15. Business civilisation; Part VII. The 1920s: The Cultural Aspect: 16. Peace as an ideology; 17. Peace through cultural exchange; 18. The Americanisation of the world; Part VIII. The Collapse of International Order: 19. The world economy in disarray; 20. Japan's challenge to world order; 21. Liberalism under attack; Part IX. Totalitarianism and the Survival of Democracy: 22. Totalitarianism and war; 23. The democracies and war; 24. The isolationist impulse; Part X. The Emergence of Geopolitics: 25. Wars in Asia and Europe; 26. America re-enters the international arena; 27. The growth of geopolitical-mindedness; Part XI. The Road to Pearl Harbor: 28. The European war and US neutrality; 29. The axis vs the democracies; 30. Japan attacks the United States; Part XII. The Global Conflict: 31. The diplomacy of war; 32. The new internationalism; 33. Toward a postwar world; 34. Conclusion; Notes.


"Akira Iriye's Globalizing of America is a splendid survey of a complicated period. In masterful fashion, it explains how the United States became a dominant power in Europe and in Asia. It is thorough, judicious, and original." Ernest May, Harvard University "Happily, the new, four-volume Cambridge History of American Foreign Relations provides an opportunity to scan the past two centuries for indications of the shape of foreign policy in the post-Cold War world. Each of the four books stands on its own. Each offers a clear overview of a particular period written by a distinguished historian drawing on a considerable body of research, itself the product of decades of scholarly endeavor. None is simply a chronicle of events." World Policy Journal "These books can be read together, or, thanks to fairly broad and overlapping introductory chapters, they can be read as discrete volumes. They will certainly make an impact on the profession." Canadian Journal of History "...elegant survey of the formative years of American global preeminence, 1913-1945...Iriye offers a provocative analysis of the American contribution to defining the concept of 'normalcy' in international relations...[Iriye] has been at the forefront of the cultural movement in international history...Akira Iriye's essay is a clear and insightful introduction to the period that shaped the one we live in today." Timothy Naftali, Boston Book Review
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