A Family Affair

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September 2001



Translated from the original 'Un Air de Famille' by Andy de la Tour. A Family Affair examines the sometimes hilarious and frustrating ups and downs of family life through son and brother Henry's position.


Agnes Jaoui is an actress, writer and director, while Jean-Pierre Bacri is an experienced writer of film, television and theatre. Un air de Famille was first produced in France in 1994 and was awarded the Best Comedy in the 1995 Moliere Awards. The play has already been produced in Germany, Italy, Japan, Paraguay and Switzerland. Andy de la Tour acts as well as writing and translating acclaimed plays. His own plays include Viva, Here We Go, Safe in our Hands and Landslide. He collaborated with Howard Brenton and Tariq Ali for the political plays Collateral Damage and Snogging Ken, both of which are published by Oberon Books. His adaptations include Darios Fo's The Pope and the Witch. He has also written extensively for television.
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