Polar Bear Pirates

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September 2003



Polar Bear Pirates - focused, successful - fun-loving people who truly believe in life before death, are on a quest to reach Fat City. But as we follow the fortunes of these highly motivated bears, we see how they must fight off some pretty ruthless and often highly elusive enemies who are determined to block their paths and shatter their dreams.


ADRIAN WEBSTER worked in the field of IT sales management for several years, where he demonstrated an extraordinary ability to motivate and inspire others to achieve phenomenal success. Today he combines his vast experience as a motivator and team builder with his highly entertaining approach to public speaking to offer audiences across the UK and Europe a compelling vision of personal and professional success.


"A motivating and inspiring guide on how to succeed in life and how to deal with various characters you may meet along the way, whether they prove to be friend or foe" Evening Standard "[He] warns that you must have certain qualities to get there (Fat City)... Using a highly original omelette metaphor he suggests that you can have all the ingredients but unless you have an egg you really should 'think along the lines of cheese and toast'. Quite" The Herald (Glasgow) "You'll be guaranteed to smirk a bit at Webster's wise-crack filled prose" 20021220 "A self help career book for the Nintendo generation" 20021220 "... lighthearted yet meaningful... an inspirational book... should st on the shelf of any line manager who wants to inspire the sceptics" Personnel Today 20030218
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Untertitel: A Grown Up's Book for Kids at Work. Illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Transworld Publishers Ltd
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2003
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