Off the Top of My Head

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November 2007



"From award-winning Boise author, Adelaide McLeod, comes a rollicking look at life in the west, past and present. Told with Scottish verve and humor, these enchanting essays offer a glimpse into a life fully lived. McLeod's elegant writing offers the clear voice of a masterful storyteller with a questioning mind and a sympathetic heart." -Dennis Held, Editor and author of "Betting on the Night" "In vignette-like style, Adelaide McLeod has taken events and locations from her childhood through adulthood-from her back alley to the mountains of Peru-and extrapolated them into real insights for both her and the reader. Her ability to make a helix of the arcane around the mundane through her awareness of generational differences between value systems is most impressive." -Dr. Wallace K. Pond, Psychologist, and Professor at Boise State University

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