Nursing Research: Design and Practice

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Dezember 1999



An introduction to nursing and midwifery research. The first part introduces the strategies and processes of doing research. The second uses instances of empirical work in Ireland to illustrate the practical application of research strategies.


Part 1: contextualizing Irish nursing research; planning a research project; qualitative research; quantitative research; the research critique; research ulitization; ethical dimensions in research. Part 2: factors influencing nurses' assessment of pain; patients experiences of in-patient mental health care; study of Irish women diagnosed with breast cancer; role of the professional general nurse as perceived and understood by Irish general nurses; hospital nurses' perceptions of health promotion; evaluation case study of the Registration/Diploma nursing programme in Ireland; the making of midwives.


"A highly professional symposium textbook which comes at a good moment for public relations ... and this reminds us that [nurses] are not just carers and moppers-up when the doctors are otherwise engaged, but themselves skilled and knowledgeable health practitioners..." Books Ireland Dec 1999 "This book encompasses many of the things I have learnt over the years to discuss with BSc, MSc and PhD students and clinically-based nurses, prior to supporting them through their research. I will save myself some time and loan them the book. I rather wish I had written it myself." Jane Mallett, Nursing and Therapy Research and Development Manager Nursing Times May 2000
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