Crime Without Borders: An Introduction to International Criminal Justice

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For courses in International Criminal Justice, Comparative Criminal Justice, Transnational Crime and Justice.

Crime Wthout Borders examines the globalization of crime and justice in today's contemporary society. It not only discusses the nuts and bolts of international crime and international law enforcement, but also raises abstract, theoretical issues for debate and asks critical questions about the best ways to think about international criminal justice problems. Throughout the book, it places global crime within the context of contemporary politics and current events. Hot topics such as terrorism, drug trafficking, and cybercrime are addressed throughout and connections between globalization, politics and criminal justice reflect the modern realities of international and transnational crime.


Chapter I: Introduction: Globalization and Globalized Crime Chapter II: International Criminal Law Chapter III: International Justice Chapter IV: International and Transnational Crimes in Domestic Courts Chapter V: International Law Enforcement Chapter VI: War Crimes and Aggression Chapter VII: Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide Chapter VIII: International Terrorism Chapter IX: Terrorism and the Criminal Justice System Chapter X: International Drug Trafficking Chapter XI: Slavery, Human Smuggling, and Human Trafficking Chapter XII: Copyright Piracy and Cybercrime Chapter XIII: Conclusion: The Future of International Criminal Justice


Aaron Fichtelberg is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware. He holds a Ph.D. from Emory University in Atlanta where he wrote his dissertation on the philosophical foundations of international law. He also holds an LLM degree from Utrecht University in the Netherlands (summa cum laude) where he wrote his thesis on the role of liberal values in international criminal law. He has been published in journals like the Journal of International Criminal Justice, Criminal Law Forum, and Criminal Justice Ethics. He lives in Wilmington, Delaware with his wife and 1-year old twin sons, Oliver and Theodore.
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