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Direct and startlingly intimate, Hussein' s stories are set in troubled times - in Karachi, Lahore and London - amid war, partition, and military rule, the anticipation and anxiety of changing homes or cities, the mixed blessings of family life, the hopes and failures of love and work. "Turquoise" is a collection of stories that illuminate the passions and fears of a world more complex and more beautiful than the media images of Islam and Pakistan convey.


Aamer Hussein was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and moved to London in 1970. A graduate of the University of London (School of Oriental and African Studies) where he studied Urdu, Persian and history, he is the author of several collections of short stories - Mirror to the Sun, and This Other Salt - and the edited anthology Hoops of Fire: Fifty Years of Fiction by Pakistani Women (the last two published by Saqi Books).


'One of the most significant and interesting writers of Pakistani English fiction.' Kamila Shamsie 'Turquoise must be read slowly to savour its many pleasures...The fluid prose is sometimes simple and pristine, sometimes sinuous and visceral...The stories' imagery is radiant.' Mary Flanagan, Independent 'Hussein writes with the economy and skill of a poet... romance, imagination and their capacity to make sense of the world are qualities found in abundance in his work.' James W Wood, TLS 'A striking and genuinely original contribution to literature. A moving and highly aesthetic expression of a new sensibility.' Amit Chaudhuri
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