Social Solidarity and the Gift

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November 2004



Bringing together two traditions of thinking about social ties (sociological theory on solidarity and anthropological theory on gift exchange), this book explores how both traditions may complete and enrich each other, and clarifies transformations in solidarity. Supported by empirical illustrations, it assumes that a theory of solidarity should incorporate some of the core insights from anthropological gift theory. The volume presents a theoretical model covering both positive and negative--selective and excluding--aspects and consequences of solidarity.


Part I. The gift: meanings and motives: 1. The social meanings of things; 2. Patterns of giving and receiving; 3. The anatomy of gratitude; 4. Women, gifts and power; 5. Social theory and social ties; 6. Solidarity, gifts and exclusion; 7. Family solidarity; Part II. Contemporary solidarity: 8. Changing solidarity; 9. Social solidarity and the gift; References; Index.


Aafke E. Komter is professor and endowed chair of Comparative Studies of Social Solidarity at Utrecht University, and head of the Department of Social Science at University College, Utrecht. Her articles on informal giving, reciprocity and solidarity, power, morality and gender issues have appeared in international journals such as Sociology, the Journal of Marriage and the Family and the Journal of Family Issues. She is editor of The Gift: An Interdisciplinary Perspective.


'The book is interdisciplinary in intent, seeking to bring together sociological and anthropological theory (on solidarity and the gift respectively) into a productive synthesis. ... Social Solidarity and the Gift is a thoughtful exploration of where it is that kindness gets you, and will be of use and interest to a wide social scientific audience ...' Journal of Social Anthropology
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