William of Ockham: 'A Letter to the Friars Minor' and Other Writings

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This volume begins with Ockham's personal account of his engagement in that conflict and continues with essential passages from the major works in which he attempted to resolve it.


1. A Letter to the Friars Minor; The Work of Ninety Days; 2. A Dialogue; 3. Eight Questions on the Power of the Pope.


"The editor and translator have done their work excellently. The introductions of McGrade are clear and concise, the translations of Kilcullen fluent and accurate, and the footnotes provide material that will be helpful to a stdent without being too intrusive...a fine achievement. All students of medieval history and the history of political thought should be grateful..." The Catholic Historical Review " exemplary addition to the study of late medieval thought. One would hope that more of Ockham's theological and philosophical treatises would undergo similarly outstanding editing and translating." Christianity and Literature "This translation constitutes an important contribution to the history of Western political thought and is especially valuable as filling one of the many lacunae in the history of medieval political thought. The translations are careful and excellent, while still reading very casually. Recommended for serious scholars of the history of Western political thought." Choice "The co-editors of this volume should be congratulated for providing much theoretical material to students of politics who do not have easy access to its original medieval Latin medium. When read in conjunction with their earlier Short Discourse on Tyrannical Government, the new selections confirm that William of Ockham was a master of political thought in the western tradition. There are judiciously designed biographical, bibliographical, and textological sections, and an excellent Introduction for the uninitiated. The texts themselves represent most periods of Ockham's polemical career. The translation is faithful: it reminds one of Jowett on Plato." The Canadian Catholic Review
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