Mortality Mortgage: Pricing Practices and Reform in the Life Insurance Industry

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November 1995



Life insurance is not a product, it is financing. Four factors denote financial quality: price or principal, rate, term, and closing costs. Consumers understand these financial elements for homes and bonds, but they do not equate the fundamentals of financial quality with life insurance. The life insurance industry, through marketing and advertising, has taught the public to focus on premiums, death benefits, and cash values; financial elements are ignored. The Mortality Mortgage compares and contrasts three financial models: the home mortgage, the bond or debt security, and life insurance. Additionally, it provides the formulas necessary for appraisal of a life insurance plan. With an appraisal, a comparison of insurance policies is possible. Once pricing is understood, consumers will demand full financial disclosure through regulation of the life insurance industry.


"I hope that life insurance agents will read this book, so they can understand what, exactly, they're selling. Mr. Barnes has offered us all a way to understand the most inscrutible financial vehicle this side of derivatives. We, as a profession and as a society, should make the most of it--and, now that the genie is emerging from the bottle, begin to learn to live with the consequences."-Robert N. Veres, editor and publisher Inside Information Editor-at-Large, Investment Advisor
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