Dynamical Systems and Numerical Analysis

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September 2009



This book unites the study of dynamical systems and numerical solution of differential equations.


1. Finite dimensional maps; 2. Ordinary differential equations; 3. Numerical methods for initial value problems; 4. Numerical methods as dynamical systems; 5. Global stability; 6. Convergence of invariant sets; 7. Global properties and attractors under discretisation; 8. Hamiltonian and conservative systems; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.


" is clearly written and fairly self-contained, surveying two fields that have seen quite a bit of excitement in the recent past. One invaluable feature of this scholarly treatise is the bibliographical discussions at the end of each chapter, which are collected at the end of the book in an impressive list of 386 items. Also, the text is peppered with examples and exercises that are quite helpful in promoting understanding." American Scientist "There is no doubt that the book of Stuart and Humphries constitutes a comprehensive and well-written...treatise on the deep connections between the disciplines of dynamical systems and numerical analysis. As the authors themselves state, it is primarily designed to address the needs of a researcher. However, I do believe that students with a healthy theoretical inclination and a strong mathematical background will find plenty of interesting items in this monograph...this book makes a significant contribution to both fields appearing in the title and is therefore unique and likely to remain popular for a long time." Media News & Reviews
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