The Mistress's Daughter

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On the day that Homes was born in 1961, she was given up for adoption. Her birth parents were a twenty-two year old woman and an older married man with whom she was having an affair. Thirty years later, out of the blue, Homes was contacted by a lawyer on behalf of her birth mother, and they began to correspond; her biological father contacted her soon after. These two individuals and their effect on the adult Homes are strange and unexpected, and the story spirals into something utterly raw and hilarious, heartbreaking and absurd.
Along the way, Homes describes the clash between her childhood fantasies of her birth parents and the disappointing reality.


A.M. Homes is the author of five novels, In a Country of Mothers, The End of Alice, Music for Torching, Jack and This Book Will Save Your Life, and two collections of short stories, The Safety of Objects and Things You Should Know, all published by Granta. She lives in New York City.


'To my generation of writers, Homes is a kind of hero and The Mistress's Daughter the latest example of her fearlessness and brilliance. It is a compelling, devastating and furiously good book written with an honesty few of us would risk' Zadie Smith'If there's a trumpeting of victimhood in this book ... it's a trumpet with a powerful sound, as intense at times as the poetry of Sylvia Plath or Sharon Olds ... cathartic though writing the memoir must have been, she doesn't pretend to have resolved all that she went through. "Fine thing", her birth father liked to say. And this book is a fine thing, the sort to give misery memoirs a good name' Blake Morrison, Guardian
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