Optical Electronics

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This textbook provides senior undergraduates studying modern optics with a comprehensive account of optics and optical electronics. A large number of solved and unsolved problems are included in the book. The extensive coverage makes it valuable to postgraduates, and also to optical engineers, as a source of basic design information. The initial chapters cover the basic principles involved in the propagation of electromagnetic waves. These are followed by a description of diffraction and its application to spatial frequency filtering and holography. Laser theory and the various types of laser are covered, as well as the theory of optical waveguides, fibre optics and integrated optics. The final chapters cover electrooptics, acoustooptics, and nonlinear optical effects.


1. Maxwell's equations and propagation of electromagnetic waves; 2. Reflection and refraction of electromagnetic waves; 3. Wave propagation in anisotropic media; 4. Fraunhofer diffraction; 5. Fresnel diffraction; 6. Spatial frequency filtering; 7. Holography; 8. Lasers: I; 9. Lasers: II; 10. Some laser systems; 11. Electromagnetic analysis of the simplest optical waveguide; 12. Leaky modes in optical waveguides; 13. Optical fibre waveguides; 14. Integrated optics; 15. The electrooptic effect; 16. The strain optic tensor; 17. Acoustooptic effect: Raman-Nath diffraction; 18. Acoustooptic effect: Bragg diffraction; 19. Acoustooptic devices; 20. Non-linear optics; Appendices; References and suggested reading; Index.


"In general, the book is, as claimed by the authors, suitable for classroom use for students..." Optics and Photonics News
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