Unlikely Voyage of Jack De Crow

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In 1998 Mackinnon set out from England, planning a short jaunt down the Severn River; one year later, he found himself in the Black Sea. In an open dinghy less than 11' long, he crossed the English Channel, cruised 3,000 miles of rivers, canals, and open sea, and traversed eleven countries, including war-torn Yugoslavia. Many adventures highlight this unexpected journey: an arrest by River Police while being swept out on a night-tide under Westminster Bridge; meeting Michael Palin; getting shipwrecked in a coastal storm; a solo crossing of the English Channel; being tear-gassed in the Budapest Metro, then trapped without funds in Serbia under threat of bornbardment; and capture by Romanian river pirates in the Danube Delta.


List of Illustrations Part One: Bumping into Places
Chapter 1: Teacher's Thief
Chapter 2: The Dinghy and the Dreamer
Chapter 3: Departure and Dismay
Chapter 4: Sails and Stained Glass
Chapter 5: Rapids and Repairs
Chapter 6: Steam Trains and Smooth Sailing
Chapter 7: High Tide to Bristol
Chapter 8: Wi' a Hundred Locks a' A' an' A'
Chapter 9: Death and Dreaming Spires
Chapter 10: Return to Reading
Chapter 11: Capsizes and Colleges
Chapter 12: London and the Law Part Two: Caution to the Winds
Chapter 13: Dooms and Delays
Chapter 14: Tide on the Thames
Chapter 15: Of Shallows and Shipwrecks
Chapter 16: Cake and Carpentry
Chapter 17: Dashing to Dover
Chapter 18: Crossing to Calais
Chapter 19: Dead Dogs and Englishmen...
Chapter 20: Et in Arcadia Ego
Chapter 21: Farewell to France
Chapter 22: A Jollyboat in Germany
Chapter 23: Contrary Currents and Kindness
Chapter 24: The Kaiser's Canal
Chapter 25: Pigeons and Palaces
Chapter 26: Into the East
Chapter 27: Proud Hearts and Empty Pockets
Chapter 28: Bad Times in Bulgaria
Chapter 29: The Wings of Morning About the Author


A.J. Mackinnon was born in Australia in 1963. He got hDiploma in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Linguistics and Anglo-Saxon from the University of Adelaide. His teaching career started at Westminster school, Adelaide, where he taught English and Drama for four years. AFter this time he traveled overland England by yacht, hitch-hiking, river-canoe and even horseback-spending a brief time in a Chinese prison after accidentally swimming into China and being attacked by Komodo Dragons, amongst other experiences. In England he taught at Sherborne and Cheltenham before becoming Head of Drama at Ellesmere College, Shropshire, where he also taught English. From Ellesmere he launched his unlikely voyage aboard his dinghy Jack de Crow. He is currently teaching English and Drama at Geelong Grammar School in Australia where he also coaches sailing.


"A wonderful idea for a book." Times Literary Supplement ." . . rich entertainment."
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