Channel Markers: Correspondence: Volume 1, 1798-1824

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Mai 1987



Rivers, rains, oceans, floods--an abiding fascination with the sea--inspire much of the imagery and musicality in this first book by A.E. Stringer. In Channel markers, Stringer explores the delicate balance between the island of himself and his fluid surrounding environment, embarking on a voyage to find himself and the others--a blind man, a sailor, and a bum--around him. He discovers that solid ground is a place of only tentative security, both threatened and enchanted by the power of the sea.


ART STRINGER, a native of Elyria, Ohio, who has lived in six states in the past twelve years, began his career as a "gypsy" teacher after graduation from Ohio University (B.A. 1971), Colorado State University (M.A. 1974), and the University of Massachusetts (M.F.A. 1979). In 1978 he won the Academy of American Poets Prize from the University of Massachusetts. He is an instructor of English at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, In Blacksburg, Virginia, where he lives.
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