An Introduction to Recombinant DNA in Medicine

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August 1995



An extensively updated version of Alan Emerys Introduction to Recombinant DNA, this new edition reflects the major advances in molecular genetics which have occurred in the last decade. Essentially it is a straightforward outline of the general principles and medical applications of molecular genetics which describes experimental techniques in a jargon-free style. Bibliographies and a glossary are provided, and this edition is extensively revised and illustrated with explanatory diagrams and photographs. With the emphasis on clinical applications rather than technology, and little biochemical knowledge assumed, this book is ideal for anyone approaching the subject of molecular genetics for the first time, whether from a clinical, medical or science background. Reviews from First Edition:
'The book is extremely well written and immensely readable. It is clearly a classic that should be read by all practising clinicians. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
'This book, written in a style that is easy to read, is an excellent first step for clinicians and any other scientists interested in molecular biology applied to medicine. The Lancet


The Development of Recombinant DNA Technology. Structure and Function of DNA. The Technology. Gene Mapping, Structure and Function. Molecular Pathology of Single Gene Disorders. Molecular Pathology of Some Common Diseases. Prevention of Genetic Disease. Treatment. Some Broader Applications. Problems and Future of Recombinant DNA. Glossary. Index.
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