The Rack

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Published under a pseudonym, A E Ellis, and appearing in 1958 to considerable acclaim, The Rack is a novel about the ordeal of being deathly ill.


There are certain books which we call great for want of a better term, that rise like monuments above the cemeteries of literature: - The Rack, to my mind is one of this company. Graham Greene Penelope Mortimer wrote: 'It is often glibly said that a work of art is an experience - The Rack is one of the rare instances of this actually being so. It is a book which must, inevitably, have a permanent effect on the reader. In this case the usual terms of praise become almost meaningless. So powerful is Mr Ellis's inspiration, so driven by the urgent necessity of expression, that one is not so much conscious of having read a account of an ordeal as of having lived through two years of unbearable physical and mental agony - and survived.'
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