One-act Plays for Acting Students

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März 1991



Twenty-three outstanding short length plays for a cast of one, two or three actors. No cuttings. Each play is a complete dramatic work. No walk-ons. All balanced roles. About five minutes acting time for each character. Performance times vary from eight to fifteen minutes. Each playscript written by a nationally known playwright. Plays offer a wide variety of acting roles and settings for classroom or stage performance. Scripts are excellent for secondary and university level forensic competitions. Also included in the text are sections on rehearsal techniques and procedures. The anthology offers a variety of performance rights options including royalty-free classroom use. Recommended as an exceptional text for playwriting, acting and general theatre classes. Some of the playwrights included are: Tim Kelly, Megan Terry, Stephen Grecco, Patricia Montley and Robert Patrick. Contents Include: Part I: Scripts, Part II: Securing Rights for Your Production, Part III: Rehearsing the Play, Part IV: Book List.




"A treasure trove of new drama writers' efforts...A unique, important handbook for drama students."
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Untertitel: An Anthology of Short One-act Plays for One, Two or Three Actors. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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