Writing South Africa: Literature, Apartheid, and Democracy, 1970-1995

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Leading South African writers and commentators examine literature during and after the apartheid era.


Maps; Notes on contributors; South Africa 1970-1995: a chronology; 1. Introduction Rosemary Jolley and Derek Attridge; 2. Interrogating silence: new possibilities faced by South African literature Andre Brink; 3. I am dead: you cannot read: Andre Brink's On the Contrary Peter Horn; 4. Endings and new beginnings: South African fiction in translation Elleke Boehmer; 5. The post-apartheid sublime: rediscovering the extraordinary Graham Pechey; 6. Postmodernism and black writing in South Africa Lewis Nkosi; 7. Shame and identity: the case of the coloured in South Africa Zoe Wicomb; 8. A man's world: South African gay writing and the state of emergency Michiel Heyns; 9. The final safari: on nature, myth and the literature of the Emergency Rita Barnard; 10. Interview with Miriam Tlali, interviewed by Rosemary Jolly; 11. Speech and silence in the fictions of J. M. Coetzee Benita Parry; 12. 'Dialogue' and 'fulfilment' in J. M. Coetzee's Age of Iron David Attwell; 13. Interview with Mongone Wally Serote, interviewed by Rolf Solberg; 14. Inside out: Jeremy Cronin's lyrical politics Brian Macaskill; 15. Spinning out the present: narrative, gender, and the politics of South African theatre Dennis Walder; 16. South African theatre in the United States: the allure of the familiar and the exotic Jeanne Colleran; Position Papers: 17. Preparing ourselves for freedom Albie Sachs; 18. Challenges facing theatre practitioners in the new South Africa Maishe Maponya; 19. Current trends in theatre for development in South Africa Zakes Mda; 20. A select bibliography of South African literary writing in English, 1970-1995; Index.


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