Wisdom or Knowledge?: Science, Theology and Cultural Dynamics

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Considers various interactions between science, theology and culture from the viewpoints of philosophy, ethics, ecology, hermeneutics, history, and Eastern Orthodoxy. This volume embodies the variety of perspectives from different cultural backgrounds and reflects the role of culture on the meta-level of writing and reading.


Hubert Meisinger is campus minister, Darmstadt University of Technology. Willem B. Drees is professor of philosophy of religion and ethics, Leiden University, the Netherlands. Zbigniew Lliana is Lecturer of Philosophy of Science, Pontifical Academy of Theology.


"Taken together, these essays give important insights into the challenging relationships among science, theology, and culture....All in all, this volume presents a nice introduction to the issues." - Studies in Religion /Sciences Religieuses--, "Studies In Religion/Sciences Religieuses "
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