Wars of Independence in Spanish America

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This volume of readings examines the revolutions, civil wars, guerrilla struggles, insurgencies, counter-insurgencies, and interventions of this period. Offering a solid perspective on the Independence period, The Wars of Independence is an excellent text for Latin American survey courses and courses focusing on the colonial era.


Chapter 1 Popular Insurrection and Royalist Reaction: Colombian Regions, 1810-1823 Chapter 2 Jose Nemesio Vazquez: An Insurgent Courier, 1812-1816 Chapter 3 Political-Military Regulations that Must be Observed, New Spain, 1811 Chapter 4 The War of Independence in Guerrero, New Spain, 1808-1821 Chapter 5 An update for the Minister of War on the Military Occurrences of the Kingdom of New Spain during the Month of March, 1818 Chapter 6 The Commencement of the Revolution in Venezuela Chapter 7 Aspects of the Civil State of the Castas of Venezuela that Shall be the Object of Improvement to Prevent Potential Ills and Unrest, 1815 Chapter 8 Two Opposing Views of Simon Bolivar Chapter 9 Pablo Morillo, the War, and the Riego Revolt Chapter 10 The Guayaquil Conference and Bolivar's Relations with Peru, 1822 Chapter 11 Chaos and the Military Solution: The Fall of Royalist Peru Chapter 12 "A Grave for Europeans?" Disease, Death, and the Spanish-American Revolutions Chapter 13 The Spanish Army and the Loss of America, 1810-1824


Christon I. Archer is professor in the department of History at the University of Calgary.


Archer has ably translated major articles and documents, originally written in Spanish, which greatly enrich the volume... The Wars of Independence is an indispensable text for courses on Latin America, wars of liberation, and the military. -- Linda Alexander Rodgriguez, University of California, Los Angeles Written by well known historians... This edited book fills a gap, particularly for those who teach colonial Latin American histories. Book Notes
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