Volcaniclastic Sedimentation in Lacustrine Settings

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This volume presents a unique compendium of papers assessing the effects of volcanism on lakes, as recorded by the volcaniclastic sediments deposited within them.


Preface. Introduction: Styles And Significance Of Lacustrine Volcaniclastic Sedimentation. J. D. L. White & N. R. Riggs. Post--1.8--Ka Marginal Sedimentation In Lake Taupo, New Zealand: Effects Of Wave Energy And Sediment Supply In A Rapidly Rising Lake. N. R. Riggs, M. H. Ort, J. D. L. White, C. J. N. Wilson, B. F. Houghton & R. Clarkson. Tephra Layers In A Sediment Core From Lake Hestvatn, Southern Iceland: Implications For Evaluating Sedimentation Processes And Environmental Impacts On A Lacustrine System Caused By Tephra Fall Deposits In The Surrounding Watershed. J. Hardardottir, . Geirsdottir & T. Thordarson. Late Pleistocene--Holocene Volcanic Stratigraphy And Palaeoenvironments Of The Upper Lerma Basin, Mexico. M. Caballero, J. L. Macias, S. Lozano--Garcia, J. Urrutia--Fucugauchi & R. Castenada--Bernal. Lithofacies Architecture And Construction Of Volcanoes Erupted In Englacial Lakes: Icefall Nunatak, Mount Murphy, Eastern Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. J. L. Smellie. Lacustrine--Fluvial Transitions In A Small Intermontane Valley, Eocene Challis Volcanic Field, Idaho. B. A. Palmer & E. P. Shawkey. Settling And Deposition Of AD 181 Taupo Pumice In Lacustrine And Associated Environments. J. D. L. White, V. Manville, C. J. N. Wilson, B. F. Houghton, N. R. Riggs & M. Ort. Volcanic And Hydrothermal Influences On Middle Eocene Lacustrine Sedimentary Deposits, Republic Basin, Northern Washington, USA. D. R. Gaylord, S. M. Price & J. D. Suydam. Environmental And Tectonic Controls On Preservation Potential Of Distal Fallout Ashes In Fluvio--Lacustrine Settings: The Carboniferous--Permian Saar--Nahe Basin, SW Germany. S. Koniger & H. Stollhofen. Influence Of Magmatism And Tectonics On Sedimentation In An Extensional Lake Basin: The Upper Devonian Bunga Beds, Boyd Volcanic Complex, Southeastern Australia. R. A. F. Cas, C. Edgar, R. L. Allen, S. Bull, B. A. Clifford, G. Giordano & J. V. Wright. Eruption And Reshaping Of Pahvant Butte Volcano In Pleistocene Lake Bonneville. J. D. L. White. Deposition Of Mount Mazama Tephra In A Landslide--Dammed Lake On The Upper Skagit River, Washington, USA. J. L. Riedel, P. T. Pringle & R. L. Schuster. Eruptive Process, Effects And Deposits Of The 1996 And Ancient Basaltic Phreatomagmatic Eruptions In Karymskoye Lake, Kamchatka, Russia. A. Belousov & M. Belousova. Sedimentology And History Of Lake Reporoa: An Ephemeral Supra--Ignimbrite Lake, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand. V. Manville. Index
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