Vocal Health and Pedagogy: Advanced Assessment and Treatment

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The new edition of this classic text has now been revised and expanded (with completely new chapters on children's singing, the aging voice, vocal health strategies for choral music educators, and vocal pedagogy and choral singing) to the extent that the work is now necessarily and logically divided into two volumes: Volume I: Science & Assessment.


Foreword Preface Contributors Common Medical Diagnoses and Treatments in Patients with Voice Disorders: An Introduction and Overview Robert Thayer Sataloff The Effects of Age on the Voice Robert Thayer Sataloff and Sue Ellen Linville Hearing Loss in Singers and Other Musicians Robert Thayer Sataloff, Joseph Sataloff and Caren J. Sokolow Allergy John R. Cohn, Patricia Padams, Mary J. Hawkshaw, and Robert Thayer Sataloff Respiratory Dysfunction Robert Thayer Sataloff Endocrine Dysfunction Timothy D. Anderson and Dawn D. Anderson Performing Arts-Medicine and the Professional Voice User: Risks of Nonvoice Performance Robert Thayer Sataloff Bodily Injuries and Their Effects on The Voice Robert Thayer Sataloff Seating Problems of Vocalists Robert Thayer Sataloff Nutrition and the Professional Voice Pamela L. Harvey, and Susan H. Miller Sleep and Vocal Performers Pamela L. Harvey, Keith G. Saxon Pollution and its Effect on the Voice Robert Thayer Sataloff Artificial Fogs and Smokes Harry H. Herman, Jr. and Monona Rossol Psychological Aspects of Voice Disorders Deborah Caputo Rosen, Reinhardt J. Heuer, Steven L. Levy, Robert Thayer Sataloff Performance Anxiety Steven L. Levy, Deborah Caputo Rosen, and Robert Thayer Sataloff Medications and the Voice Robert Thayer Sataloff, Mary J. Hawkshaw, and Joseph Anticaglia Medications for Traveling Performers Robert Thayer Sataloff and Mary J. Hawkshaw Introduction to Treating Voice Abuse Robert Thayer Sataloff Speech-Language Pathology and the Professional Voice User: An Overview Carol N. Wilder. Voice Therapy, Reinhardt J. Heuer, Michelle Horman, Rhonda K. Rulnick, Kathe S. Perez, Kate A. Emerich and Robert Thayer Sataloff Voice Rest Robert Thayer Sataloff, Susan Cline, Karen M. Lyons, Adam D. Rubin Increasing Vocal Effectiveness Bonnie N. Raphael and Robert Thayer Sataloff


Robert Sataloff, M.D. Robert T. Sataloff, M.D., D.M.A., F.A.C.S., is a Professor and Chairman, Department of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery and Senior Dean for Clinical Academic Specialties, Drexel University College of Medicine. He is also Adjunct Professor in the departments of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University, the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, and on the faculty of the Academy of Vocal Arts.


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