Unravelling the Rag Trade: Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Seven World Cities

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Jan Rath Associate Professor and Co-Director,Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, University of Amsterdam


'Confounding the predictions of prophets and social thinkers alike, the garment industry, that avatar of cut-throat capitalism, 19th century style, hangs on in the new millennium, and by more than a thread. Travel the global cities with the contributors to this book, and one sees why: drawing on the insights of historians, sociologists, and anthropologists, Unravelling the Rag Trade shows how markets, politics, and migration ensure that clothing is still made in the advanced, post-industrial West. A true effort at comparative, not parallel, analysis, this book deserves the attention of anyone interested in migration, urban change, and globalization.'Roger Waldinger, UCLA'An innovative and fascinating comparison of parallel studies on the garment industry in seven major immigration receiving cities ... sets a new standard for research on the ethnic economy, and brings a range of new issues to the fore.'Jeffrey Reitz, University of Toronto'The wealth of detailed information on t
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