Uncertainty in American Politics

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Representing researchers from diverse subfields who analyze how and why uncertainty affects American politics, this study reconnects research traditions that have seldom related to one another. Though used by formal theorists, empiricists, and historians in a parallel fashion, the notion of uncertainty has often been introduced only to explain away anomalies, provide backing for a larger argument, or justify a particular methodology. Uncertainty has rarely been considered in its own right or as a concept that might connect researchers from different subfields.


Part I. Elite and Institutional Politics: 1. Explaining the growth of the presidential branch: a theory and test Matthew J. Dickinson; 2. Political uncertainty and administrative procedures Richard G. Vanden Bergh and Rui J. P. de Figueiredo Jr.; 3. Uncertainty, political institutions, and the administrative state reconsidered George A. Krause; 4. Bureaucracy and uncertainty Laurence O'Toole and Kenneth J. Meier; 5. Uncertainty and political debate: how the dimensionality of political issues gets reduced in the legislative process Bryan D. Jones, Jeffrey C. Talbert and Matthew Potoski; Part II. Citizen and Electoral Politics: 6. Declining uncertainty: presidents, public opinion, and polls John G. Geer and Prateek Goorha; 7. Uncertainty in American public opinion R. Michael Alvarez, John Brehm and Catherine Wilson; 8. Risk and uncertainty as sources of incumbent insecurity Cherie D. Maestas; 9. Black candidates, white voters: how uncertainty and information shape the white vote Zoltan Hajnal.


"...this is an interesting book. Several of the chapters are excellent and thought-provoking, making this book a worthwhile read for those interested in how uncertainty fits into the study of politics." Public Choice "Overall, the essays are evocative and well written and, even though they focus on American politics, they should be of interest to a broad audience of political scientists. Highly recommended." Choice
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