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September 1999



Since its founding at Northwestern University in 1964, TriQuarterly has remained one of the most widely admired and important literary magazines in the country. Having recently joined the publishing program at Northwestern University Press, and under the editorial direction of poet Susan Firestone Hahn, TriQuarterly continues to publish the best work of both established and new poets and fiction writers, as well as interesting new features, including a novella issue and a planned series of interviews with American playwrights.TriQuarterly Issue 105, available in September 1999, will feature poetry by Yusef Komunyakaa, Dannie Abse, David Ferry, Marilyn Hacker, Carl Phillips, and Wislawa Szymborska; fiction by Ira Sadoff, Edward Falco, and Stephen Dixon; and an essay by Gariel Motola.


Susan Hahn was born and raised in and around Chicago. She is the author of numerous poetry collections, including "Harriet Rubin's Mother's Wooden Hand"" "(1991) and" Incontinence" (1993).
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