Traditional Japanese Theater

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April 1999



This is a collection of the most important genres of Japanese performance -- noh, kyogen, kabuki, and bamrili puppet theater -- in one comprehensive, authoritative volume. Organized by genre, each section features a rich selection of representative plays and explorations into each theatrical style and is prefaced by an illustrative essay covering a wide range of subjects, from stage direction to musical accompaniment. With classic and new translations of more than thirty plays and scenes -- along with Brazell's detailed, historically rich supplementary material and copious illustrations -- no better anthology exists for students of this most fascinating and diverse dramatic tradition.


Part I. An Introduction to Traditional Japanese TheaterJapanese Theater: A Living TraditionHistorical PerspectivesGeneral CharacteristicsThe StagesFour Figures of the Thunder God: The Major GenresNoh: KamoKyogen: ThunderboltKabuki: "Saint Narukami Scene"Bunraku: "Mount Tenpai" and "Tumult in the Palace"
Part II. The Noh and Kyogen TheatersElements of PerformanceNoh PlaysAtsumori, by by ZeamiIzutsu, by by ZeamiMiideraShunkanDok okiYamamba, by by ZeamiKyogen PlaysTwo DaimyoDelicious PoisonMushroomsThe SnailSickly StomachKanoakaCicadaOther Traditions: Kowaka, by Kurokawa Noh, Mibu KyogenKowaka verison of Atsumori
Part III. The Puppet and Kabuki TheatersElements of PerformancePlays from the Bunraku Puppet Theater"The Beach at Hirado" and "The Bamboo Forest of a Thousand Languages, by " by ChikamatsuAmijima, by by Chikamatsu"Travel Scene" by Izumo II, by Shoraku, and Senryu"Farmhouse Scene" from ChushinguraThe Awaji Puppet TraditionSambasoThe Miracle of the Tsubosaka KannonPlays from the Kabuki Theater"Shunkan: The Devil Island Scene" by Chikamatsu"Suma Bay" by SenryuYotsuya Ghost Stories, Act Three"The Hamamatsuya Scene"Musumu Dojoji


Edited by Karen Brazell


"Promises to become a classic." -- The Drama Review
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